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Top 10 Prettiest Beaches in Sardinia: A Mediterranean Paradise Awaits

Updated: Sep 27

Are you dreaming of a vacation where turquoise waters, white sand, and breathtaking scenery surround you? Look no further than Sardinia, the Mediterranean gem that offers some of the world's most stunning beaches. From hidden coves to expansive shorelines, this Italian island is a haven for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Join me on an unforgettable journey as we explore the top 10 prettiest beaches Sardinia offers.

1. La Pelosa Beach – Stintino: A Mediterranean Paradise

In the Gulf of Asinara, at the extreme northwestern tip of Sardinia, lies the true paradise of La Pelosa Beach. Just 2 km from the village of Stintino, this beach captivates visitors with its thin, sandy shore and shallow waters that extend for tens of meters. As you approach, the iconic tower dating back to 1578 stands proudly, signaling your arrival at this breathtaking destination. Traverse another delightful cove, the Pelosetta, and witness nature's splendor unfold.


beautiful beach in sardinia with people an swimmers
La Pelosa Beach

2. Porto Istana – Olbia: A Slice of Paradise

Just a short distance from Porto San Paolo, near Murta Maria, lies the pristine Porto Istana beach. With its four interconnected beaches separated by rocky bands, this destination boasts white, fine sand that gently slopes into emerald waters. Enjoy a relaxing swim in its crystal-clear sea, while the magnificent island of Tavolara serves as a picturesque backdrop. Divers and surfers will also find themselves drawn to this coastal haven.

sea view porto istana beach island in the distance
Porto Istana Beach

3. Spiaggia del Elefante – Bosa: A Hidden Gem

Amidst the captivating coastline of Bosa, you'll discover the hidden gem of Spiaggia del Elefante. This beach boasts a unique charm that sets it apart from the others. Its name, which translates to "Elephant Beach," is derived from the magnificent rock formation resembling an elephant drinking from the sea. Marvel at this natural wonder as you relax on the golden sand and soak up the sun.


elephant beach in sardinia
Spiaggia del Elefante Beach

4. Punta Molentis – Villasimius: Nature's Palette

Punta Molentis Beach, nestled between Villasimius and Costa Rei on the southeast coast, offers a unique blend of beauty and tranquility. The fine sand, adorned with subtle pink streaks, merges seamlessly with the crystalline sea, showcasing hues ranging from light emerald green to turquoise and blue. Shielded from strong winds and embraced by flourishing Mediterranean vegetation, this beach provides a serene escape. Marvel at the remnants of the Nuraghe of Punta Molentis on the promontory, offering a splendid view of the surrounding paradise.


punta molentis beach in sardinia next to a body of water
Punta Molentis Beach

5. Cala Goloritzé – Baunei: Nature's Masterpiece

Located in the South of the Gulf of Orosei, Cala Goloritzé is a beach that will leave you speechless. Accessible by land or sea, this hidden gem offers ultra-transparent waters with a backdrop of around 30 meters. The slightly colder temperature adds a refreshing touch, thanks to the nearby frozen water streams. Embark on a trekking trip from Su Porteddu and be rewarded with a mesmerizing sight that will take your breath away.


cala goloritze beach with rocks an people sunbathing
Cala Goloritze Beach

6. Su Giudeu Beach – Chia: Where Beauty Meets Adventure

Su Giudeu, one of Chia's most stunning beaches in the south of Sardinia, showcases a long stretch of clear sand and intensely blue waters. Surrounded by towering dunes reaching up to 20 meters high, this beach offers a sense of awe and wonder. Venture towards Su Giudeu's isle, a large rock grazed by goats during spring, and take in the panoramic view of Chia's magnificent coastline. Walk on the sandy bottom or swim a short distance to reach this natural wonder.

long sandy beach with shallow water and a man walking through water
Su Giudeu Beach

7. Porto Giunco Beach – Villasimius: Caribbean Vibes in the Mediterranean

Situated just 40 km from Cagliari, the beach of Porto Giunco will transport you to the Caribbean without leaving the Mediterranean. Its crystal-clear and translucent waters resemble those of a tropical paradise. The fine, white sand invites you to bask in the sun, while the light blue hues attract advertisers seeking the perfect backdrop for their campaigns. Don't miss the opportunity to take a refreshing swim towards the small tower islet, adding a touch of adventure to your beach experience.

white sandy beach in Sardinia Mediterranean sea
Porto Giunco Beach

8. Cala Brandinchi – San Teodoro: A Polynesian Dream

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting shores of Polynesia as you arrive at Cala Brandinchi. With its fine white sand and turquoise waters, this dreamlike beach is framed by lush pine forests and Mediterranean scrub. Visit during the low season, from September to June, to witness the coastline at its most glorious. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere while the transparency of the sea and vibrant colors captivate your senses.

long sandy beach Sardinia, Mediterranean sea
Cala Brandinchi

9. Tuerredda Beach – Teulada: A Geomorphological Gem

Tucked away on the south coast, a few kilometers from Chia and approximately 58 km from Cagliari, lies Tuerredda Beach. This highly regarded beach showcases a picturesque creek overlooking a sea adorned with varying shades of blue. From turquoise to emerald green and deep blue, the water mirrors the enchanting beaches of the Caribbean. Relax on the expanse of fine, sugary sand, perfect for families with children due to its gently sloping and shallow waters. Be sure to swim towards the small tower islet, located just 100 meters from the shore, which lends the beach its name.

beach with sand and rocks in Sardinia
Tuerredda Beach

10. Santa Giusta Beach – Costa Rei: A Natural Pool

Situated in the municipality of Castiadas, Santa Giusta Beach is one of the most beloved beaches in southeastern Sardinia. The lower bottom depth of the water results in a mild temperature, creating a natural pool-like experience. Marvel at the large granite rock, known as "The Rock of Peppino," which graces the right side of the coast. Families with children will delight in climbing the rocks and taking refreshing dips in the calm and inviting waters.

Sandy beach with rock formation and the blue sea
Santa Giusta Beach

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